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Eliminate Week

Eliminate Week begins tomorrow! In these trying times, let's come together to support a cause that is greater than ourselves. The Kiwanis family has been partnered with UNICEF since 2010 in a collaboration called The Eliminate Project to help end maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT).

Checkout this link to learn more:

Use these graphics as inspiration throughout the week and don't forget to tag us on each post: @gakeyclub on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Monday is Make it Known Monday: Post about what MNT is. Let people know what you are raising awareness for.

Tuesday is Toss it Out Tuesday: Give up something that is not a necessity and use that money to donate to The Eliminate Project.

e-LEMON-ate Wednesday: Post a video of yourself eating a lemon.

Thursday is Throwback Thursday: Post a throwback photo of yourself.

Friday is Fundraiser Friday: Start a fundraiser to support The Eliminate Project

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