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Dear Key Club Seniors

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

High School is Not the End of your Service Journey!

By: Simone Pete District Bulletin Editor and Public Relations Committee 

The 2019 Key Club Senior Class has continued the rich tradition of building and supporting a culture of student leadership in our schools and in our community. Your legacy is evident by the number of lives you have touched as well as by the number of projects you have designed, developed and led. By investing in the growth of others, you have made a difference in the culture of our world. Collectively, you are an inspiring and dedicated group!

With the school year just now coming to an end, you all should take pride in all you have accomplished through Key Club. That being said, I implore you to have the Courage to Commit. These words are a call to action to commit to a purpose, inspire action, follow through with stated intentions, engage in difficult conversations with others, move forward despite risks, create accountability, and go beyond the boundaries of comfort zones to achieve goals.

I challenge you to have the Courage to Commit to service after Key Club. One way of doing that is to join your local Circle K.

To further persuade you, here is a note from the District Governor for K Circle:

My name is Lucy Zheng, and I am honored to be serving as the Georgia District Circle K Governor this year. Circle K is the world’s largest collegiate service organization, and a good step to consider for after your Key Club career. I joined Circle K for two main reasons: to keep on doing the service that I had loved doing with my Key Club in high school and to reconnect with my best friend. In fact, that was all I planned to do in Circle K; I never would’ve imagined ever being in a leadership position when I first joined. I’m naturally a very shy person, but through the leadership positions that I’ve held, I’ve learned to be a lot more self-confident when I speak and interact with others. Georgia Circle K has a fall retreat that we host every year in November, and I couldn’t wait to be reunited with my best friend Emmie there, who was then serving as a lieutenant governor. I also loved my home club, Georgia Tech Circle K, for their quirkiness and passion to do service. I was so proud to be a member of my club, and always excited to go to one of our weekly service projects at the food bank or Boys & Girls Club. Circle K has given me a family and friend groups spread across the world. I’ve gone on trips to Texas, Virginia, Kansas, and more to meet new Circle K’ers and friends I’ve met through the organization. Although we can’t meet in person very often, the friend groups that I’m in are tight-knit and we keep in contact regularly through Snapchat and Facebook. Without Circle K, my college experience would’ve been a lot less bright than it has been. I’m incredibly thankful for the memories and friends that Circle K has given me, and I can’t believe how much I’ve changed because of it. If you’re looking for an amazing group of people to join in college, I highly recommend seeing if your university has a Circle K chapter, or starting your own! Feel free to reach out to me at! Yours in service, Lucy Zheng Circle K Georgia District Governor

On behalf of the Key Club Board of Trustees, we thank you for your achievement and congratulate you on your graduation. We challenge you to develop your leadership capacity by creating a vision for the future, inspiring commitment, and continuing your personal development and growth while simultaneously helping others reach their potential. We know that wherever you choose to go and whatever you decide to do, whether it be joining K Circle or paving your own path, you will be leading the way in service. Thank you for all that you do!

Thank you to the Georgia District Board of Trustees for all the support and guidance. Special thanks to all Key Clubs across Georgia, without your valiant efforts and participation, the Key Ring would not be where it is today.

Key Ring: The Key Ring is the official Blog of the Georgia District. It helps the district spread awareness of Key Club and allows clubs to share their success stories and to learn from each other. The Key Ring is a member-run and blog, published five times a year.  The blog contains service project ideas, upcoming district and international event information, and so much more! The content is developed and 100% by the editor but made possible by the content submitted by Key Club Members across Georgia.

MISSION STATEMENT:  To unify all Key Club across Georgia, advocate its interests, celebrate accomplishments and establish a culture of service while striving to uphold the highest key club standards.    

VISION STATEMENT:  Key Ring aspires to be a top source of unbiased, reliable, accurate news branded for all Georgia Key Clubs and community. 

Want your club highlighted in the next Key Ring? Send an email to me at that includes an article (150-250 words) and two pictures about a service project, fundraiser or other cool things that your Key Club has done this year!

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