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How to: Hold an Effective Meeting

Holding effective meetings is vital throughout the Key Club year. In order to grow and maintain your club, having meetings that are interactive and productive should be a top priority, along with service of course! Introducing things such as icebreakers and service projects makes a big difference in member attendance and effectiveness. Additionally, including things like promotion for different events and service opportunities provides members with a reason for attending.

Always make sure to set a clear time and date for when the meeting is being held. Include reminders leading up to the date of the meeting so that members attending will not forget last minute. When planning for a meeting being well prepared is key. Know your part and be prepared for when you have to execute it. Creating an agenda is a perfect way to make sure you stay on task. Utilizing this will allow meetings to go smoothly. While it is good to stick to an agenda, it is okay to occasionally go off task, just ensure that once this happens you guide your members back to the agenda. Having a recap of your meeting is a great way to ensure that members retain the information from the meeting. Have time after meetings for students to ask questions and to clarify anything they were unsure about.

While in person meetings may be difficult to hold this year, virtual meetings are an option. Anything discussed above can be implemented into your virtual meetings.

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