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ICON/SLC Recap!!

Written By: Kathy Ye, KCI International Trustee

The 2021 Summer Leadership Conference was an experience like no other. With the world finally emerging out of the worldwide pandemic, it was my first time at a Key Club event since the 2020 Georgia District Service and Leadership Conference. Although there were only around a hundred Key Clubbers attending in person, the atmosphere made it feel like there were many more people there. I loved being able to meet Key Clubbers from different districts again. I learned so much about Key Club as an international organization, met terrific people, and made many new friends. I could feel the passion in every single Key Clubber there, and this shared passion for Key Club made it easy to connect with everyone there. At the conference, we had evening sessions with motivational speakers, awards, and more. In addition, there were many exciting workshop options to choose from for the sessions. The nice thing about the conference being hybrid was if there were two workshops that I wanted to attend simultaneously, I had the option to watch a recording later. We also had plenty of time where there were not conference activities to go out with the different Key Clubbers to Disney Springs to eat, shop, and hang out. However, the most important part for me was the international elections, as I was running for International Trustee.

Running for office at the conference made my experience very unique. While enjoying my time at the conference, I also focused on my campaign, ensuring that I had a successful election. This added some stress and nerves to my weekend, but it was gratifying. Just participating in elections allowed me to improve on public speaking—the final feeling of excitement when I was elected wrapped up the conference nicely. I am so excited and honored to be serving Key Club International, and I know the new board that was elected will be so fun to work with. I can’t wait to start serving our amazing organization internationally!

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