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International Board

Written by Kathy Ye, District Governor

As many have often heard, Key Club works as an inverted pyramid. The members are at the top, then comes the club, the division, district, and lastly, the international level. The governing body of the international level, is the international board. The Key Club International Board consists of the President and Vice President presiding over 11 trustees. These trustees each act as a liaison for three assigned districts. Traditionally, the international board is elected each year by the members of Key Club at the International Convention. However, this year's International Convention was unable to take place, and elections were held virtually, with the International Council (the international board and the governors of each district) voting for the new international board.

Through the careful deliberation and voting of the International Council, the 2020 - 2021 International Board was elected for their term. Below is the 2020 - 2021 Key Club International Board:

  • International President: Alex Drahos

  • International Vice President: Caroline Bushnell

  • International Trustees:

    • Emma Brainard

    • Emma Chang

    • Salma Eldeep

    • Marissa Ding

    • Glory Kalu

    • Melanie Kim

    • Lena Oswald

    • River Pease

    • Jordan Reichhardt

    • Andrew Watson

    • Eddie Wei

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