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LTjeez, what do I do?

Written by: Aaron So, LTG of Division 12

If you are not familiar, Key Club International has the structure of an inverted pyramid. At the top of the inverted pyramid are Key Clubbers, who represent the largest portion of Key Club. Following the member level is the club level, division level, district level, and international level. As a Key Clubber, I'm a part of Lambert High School's Key Club, Division 5 of Georgia District Key Club (I'm a lieutenant governor of Division 12 so more on that later), Georgia District of Key Club International, and finally Key Club International itself (this is where the Key Club International president, vice president, and trustees lie; trustees oversee districts similar to how lieutenant governors oversee divisions).

As the lieutenant governor for Division 12 for Georgia District Key Club, I am at the division/district level. So cool, I have this fancy title, but what does it mean? As a lieutenant governor, I'm responsible for supporting and growing the clubs within my division. My official duties also include serving as the liaison between the district (specifically the Georgia District) and the clubs within my division. To serve as a liaison between the Georgia District and my clubs, I send out a monthly newsletter to Key Clubbers in my division, train the officers in my division, hold divisional council meetings, and serve on Georgia District committees.

While I might have a title rank, remember that I am still a Key Clubber just like you! Remember, the Georgia District of Key Club would not exist without our amazing Key Clubbers, who are performing acts of service in their communities while also building leadership skills.

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