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Meet the 2022-2023 District Committee Chairs

District Project Chair: Milla Elridge

Hi Georgia District! I’m Milla Eldridge and I’m proud to serve as your District Projects Committee Chair for the 2022-2023 term! As the Project’s Chair, I am responsible for facilitating and fundraising for our district project: the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes, a local organization that provides a loving, caring home for children that are abandoned, neglected, or abused in the state of Georgia. I love fundraising and believe that creative fundraising projects can be very successful for the fundraiser and rewarding for the Key Clubbers that host and manage it. The district fundraising goal is $15,000 this year. With enthusiastic participation from dedicated Key Clubs in the state of Georgia, I truly believe that we can reach and exceed this goal. I recommend that each club set a fundraising goal of $300 or more; for my home club of Camden County High School, we are aiming even higher with a $500 goal! I’m so excited to work on this committee, fundraise for the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes, and dutifully serve the Key Clubs across Georgia.

Events Chair: Aaron So

Hey GA Key Clubbers! I’m Aaron So, and I’m ecstatic to be serving as your District Events Chair for the 2022-2023 Key Club year. I joined my high school’s Key Club in my freshman year, and I have served as my home club’s Editor, Secretary, and now President. Ever since I joined Key Club, I have fallen in love with serving my community with other Key Clubbers who are equally passionate about community service. As the District Events Chair, I’m responsible for planning and running district-wide events, including the Georgia Leadership Training Conference (GLTC), Service & Leadership Conference (SLC), and our trip to the Key Club International Convention (ICON). Be sure to join us at Six Flags Over Georgia this upcoming August once registration opens! When I’m not busy serving Key Club, I’m either hanging out with friends, binge-watching movies or shows (I LOVE watching Star Wars movies/TV shows, Marvel movies/TV shows, Brooklyn 99, The Office, and the latest K-Drama on Netflix), playing video games, or making 3D models of buildings in Minecraft. This year I'm excited to make more unforgettable memories, forge new connections, serve our communities, and proudly call myself a GA Key Club alumni when I'm off to college. I'm looking forward to the Key Club year ahead of us and what we’ll be able to accomplish as a district! Have a question about District Events? You are more than welcome to shoot an email to!

Membership Growth & Retention: Christina Cho

Hello, my name is Christina Cho and I serve as the Membership Growth & Retention committee chair of the Georgia District Key Club! The purpose of the Membership Growth & Retention committee is to track the number of members in the Georgia District, communicate with clubs about the status of their members, and spread the name of Key Club throughout Georgia. As the Membership Growth & Retention committee chair, I am a facilitator of this committee to keep members updated on tasks, lead the meetings, and so much more. Even though I have only been involved with Key Club for about a year, Key Club has given me the best memories of serving others alongside amazing people, while helping me grow as a leader. I am so excited to take a step further into my Key Club journey as a part of the Georgia District Board :)

Kiwanis Family & Major Emphasis: Sophia Lee

Hey Everyone! My name is Sophia and I am serving as the Kiwanis Family and Major Emphasis chair for the 2022-2023 term. As KF/ME Chair, I serve to connect the organizations within the Kiwanis Family Clubs and also promote our major emphasis. I am so excited to be able to serve a second term on the district board. In my free time I like to watch movies, Korea dramas, and listen to music. Fun fact: I can recite the alphabet backwards :))

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Kiwanis Family & Major Emphasis:

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