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SLC Through the Eyes of Fellow Key Clubbers

A collection of SLC experiences from your fellow Georgia Key Clubbers! Trust me, it's an experience of a lifetime!

Opportunities of SLC

By: Cassie Hsu, Sandy Creek High School

The Service and Leadership Conference was by far one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I got to meet so many amazing people while learning about Key Club. While I was at SLC I was given the opportunity to personally meet my Kiwanis advisors and grew inspiration to run for Lieutenant Governor. One of the highlights of my trip was the Service fair at the beginning of registration. I was introduced to Eliminate, a project dedicated to curing tetanus in babies, along with many other organizations that Key Club supports.

Everyone at SLC was so welcoming and kind. You could meet a total stranger in the elevator and bond over your love for helping others or even become the next Lieutenant Governor for your division. I remember the exact moment it happened, I stepped into the elevator and there stood my 2019 division eight Lieutenant Governor. When she discovered my club was in her division, she immediately asked me if I wanted to become the next Lieutenant Governor. I was uneasy at first, but by the end of the weekend I was fully committed to becoming the next Lieutenant Governor of division 8. Without the 2019 Service and Leadership Conference I would not be where I am now with my Key Club Journey.

SLC: Is it Fun?

By: Moriah Davis, Brunswick High School

I have been to three SLC's my high school years. When I was a freshman they were called District Conventions. My home club members were always happy when we go on this trip because they get to explore a new city. I know how it feels because I agree one hundred percent. My freshman year we had our “District Convention” in my home town, Saint Simons Island! Yes, it was nice being able to stay in my home town and getting to lay on my OWN beach. There was some flaws to it also, I was not getting the chance to explore a new place. Yes, I was meeting new people, yes, I was learning about my new officer positions nut in my home town. So my sophomore year it was in Macon. I was so excited to leave school and explore a new place. It was really fun met new people, saw old faces and learned information about my new position. Junior year it was different, I was running for lieutenant Governor. I was terrified! I wanted to run my sophomore year but I let another boy in my home club run since he was a senior. So I was running, I was excited but still scared. I knew only ONE person on the board. Julio, my next door neighbor LTG! He taught me the things I needed, even if he didn’t the adult board was very helpful! My favorite thing about Key Club is getting the chance to help other organizations. My club now is doing a fundraiser for the Georgia Sheriff Youth homes. We are selling little houses for $1 to put around the school. Yes, it was hard to cut out 500 little houses, but I know the money we raise is going to a good cause. So in the end, is SLC fun? I would say, definitely!

How I found the right KEY at SLC

By: Shrinidhi Vaideeswaran, Lambert High School

I must say my first experience with the Service and Leadership Conference was unforgettable. Although it was a year ago, it feels like yesterday when I was sitting in a workshop learning Key Club 101. The memories I had made in those 3 days would last me for a lifetime. I learned so much from other Key Clubbers and advisors. I remember specifically before I was about to participate in the oratorical contest, I had been talking to a girl next to me, who was also doing the oratorical. We talked about all of our experiences and how the convention had changed our perspectives on Key Club. From how we started out to what we wanted to do with our futures, we talked about it all. Our conversation went so well that we never exchanged names. Isn’t that funny? I had this 10 to 15 minute conversation with this girl, but I never learned her name. However, I will say that was one of the best conversations I have ever had with anyone. She was so inspiring to me that she was partially the reason why I wanted to continue my journey with Key Club. It was almost like her experiences changed me for the better. 

SLC is not just any other conference. It is a place where you can meet so many cool people, let your experiences inspire others, and just be you. SLC is a place for people to not only learn and grow, but a place for people to motivate each other into becoming the best version of themselves they can be. At SLC, Key Clubbers come together to uncover the greatness of leading and serving your community. I found my key at SLC. Perhaps you can find yours too.

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