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Summer Service Project and Fundraiser Ideas

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Written by: Anh Ho, LTG of Division 2 & Kimberly Pacheco-Medina, LTG of Division 6

When it comes to needing service projects and fundraisers for your school, it can often be difficult to find ideas which can be fun, exciting, and inclusive but also fitting with the supplies and environment that your school has to offer. Down below are a few different ideas which can be used for the upcoming school year.

Park Cleanup

Organize a park cleanup day where Key Club members and volunteers work together to pick up litter, maintain trails, and beautify the park. Coordinate with local park authorities to ensure proper disposal of the collected waste.

Children's Summer Camp

Collaborate with local organizations or schools to create a summer camp for underprivileged children. Plan engaging activities, such as arts and crafts, sports, and educational workshops, to provide them with a fun and enriching experience.

Trivia Night

One thrilling fundraising idea is a Trivia Night. A Trivia Night is always a fun way to gather people from your community to fundraise for a good cause. Here are the steps you can take when hosting your Trivia Night: Finding a location, a time and date, making flyers and

posters, creating trivia questions, and securing your registration fee. By following these steps and inviting friends and family, you can ensure that the Trivia Night runs smoothly.

Summer Fun Run

A Summer Fun Run is a good way to get our athletes and people who enjoy running involved. This can be hosted anytime throughout the summer and can include as many people as possible. This event can be hosted at a local park and can take place anytime, preferably in the

morning, because the heat is not as intense in the morning as it is in the afternoon. Money can be raised through a registration fee. Food and drinks provided are encouraged to thank the participants for taking time out of their day to come out and support whatever charity or organization that you are fundraising for.

Outdoor Movie

Hosting an Outdoor Movie can help bring a community together in a fun and enjoyable way. This does not require a large amount of money or materials. This event can be hosted at a park, or you can ask a church or local organization to allow you to host this event there. This event can begin at Sunset for full effect and can end at midnight. A survey can be sent out to friends and family and a movie can be picked that way or it can be picked at random. Tickets can be sold for $1-$5 as an entry fee and drinks and snacks can be provided. Drinks and snacks can be sold for $2-$5.

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