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Be a part of the district board

Being a part of the Georgia Key Club district board is a life-changing experience.

Read more on how you can apply for a position on the district board.

Graduating seniors are not eligible to apply for district office.

Please complete the following application to be considered for a Lieutenant Governor or Committee Chair position.

Please direct all questions to Decisions to fill positions are at the discretion of the Key Club Governor with the advisement of the District Administrator.

*DEADLINE: Applications must be completed and received by Sunday, March 24, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.*

Click here for application

All board members must agree to the following:

  • Be a Georgia District Key Club member in good standing.

  • Agree to and fully complete the Service Agreement (Statement of Candidacy) for the position you’re seeking: Lieutenant Governor

  • Attend all district board meetings

  • Attend all district-wide events (Georgia Leadership Training Conference and Georgia  Service and Leadership Conference at the beginning and end of their terms).

  • Attend the Key Club International Convention (need-based grants are available)

  • Other responsibilities as outlined in the respective position’s contract

Required Events for all Board Members​​​

  • Board Training: April 12-14, 2024, FCCLA/FAA Camp (Covington)

  • Key Club International SLC: July 10-14, 2024 (Atlanta, Georgia)

  • Summer Board Meeting: August 23-25, 2024 (Norcross)

  • Georgia Leadership Training Conference: September 15, 2024, Six Flags over Georgia 

  • Winter Board Meeting: December 6-8,2024, St. Simons Island, Ga. 

  • 2025 Service & Leadership Conference & Pre-Conference Board Meeting:

          March 12-16,2025, St. Simons Island, Ga. 

Note that each board member will have an expense account to cover the costs of performing their duties adequately (including travel expenses). The Georgia District will work with each individual board member to ensure that financial burdens are minimized.  District and international event registration fees are the responsibility of board members and are not reimbursed. Financial assistance may be provided.

District board members will be required to miss school due to events and meetings throughout the year. The district works to minimize the amount of school that will be missed, but it is impossible to avoid altogether.

Lieutenant Governor

There are 12 lieutenant governors at- large positions open at this time. Divisions 4,5,6 were filled at the 2024 SLC.  At-large lieutenant governors do not need to be a member of a Key Club in the division they serve. Lieutenant governors are responsible for the Key Clubs in their division to ensure that they are informed of all Georgia District and Key Club International initiatives and events. In addition, lieutenant governors must also ensure that the clubs in their division pay dues promptly during their term.

Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs are appointed by the Governor. There are four committee chair positions available. The four committees are District Events, District Projects, Kiwanis Family & Major Emphasis, and Membership Growth & Retention.  Please see descriptions below for each committee. 

District Events-The District Events Chair works to plan, promote, and host the two major district events: Georgia Leadership Training Conference in September and the Service & Leadership Conference in March.

District Projects-The District Project Chair works to raise money and awareness for the district project: The Georgia Sheriffs' Youth Homes. They may write grants, host fundraisers, and track the funds raised by clubs throughout the year.

Kiwanis Family & Major Emphasis Chair-The Kiwanis Family & Major Emphasis Chair works to bridge the gap between different branches of the Kiwanis Family in addition to raising awareness and funds for the Major Emphasis Project.

Membership Growth & Retention-The Membership Growth & Retention Chair works to promote membership growth within the Georgia District through connecting with other branches of the Kiwanis Family and media campaigns.


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