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💡August Partner Spotlight: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals💡

Written By: Sophia Lee, Kiwanis Family & Major Emphasis Chair

The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are one of the many preferred charities Key Club International holds. Their main mission is to “increase funds and awareness for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals” to provide for more children and give them equal healthcare opportunities regardless of financial status.

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals treat children with a range of healthcare problems from trauma and diabetes to babies in the NICU. Their impact reaches far across the country as a tenth of children in North America receive healthcare from a Children's Miracle Network Hospital. The network not only provides exceptional pediatric care but has contributed to filling the funding gaps children's hospitals around the country face. They have raised over 7 billion dollars through campaigns such as the Miracle Balloon Icon campaign. The organization receives donations and also has opportunities to participate/start a fundraiser or even become a partner.

Key Club International members work together to sponsor fundraisers and conduct service projects at local CMN Hospitals. This money then goes to providing healthcare for those with limited access, research, care, innovative programs, and resources. The fundraisers and donations collected will stay within the local area to ensure that it benefits the community. To send their message and show their impact, the Children’s Miracle Network has provided stories of “Miracle Childs” in campaigns, advertisements, and websites to inspire the world and raise awareness of the need for donations in children’s healthcare programs.

To help out, donate to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals here: In addition, over 1,000 people have started a fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network Hospital, and you, your school, or your key club can take part! Check out this link to get inspired by fundraising ideas and to start your own fundraiser:

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