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GLTC is in 3 days!! What should I expect at GTC?

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Written By: Joshua Song

The Georgia Leadership & Training Conference (GLTC) is just around the corner, on August 27th at Six Flags! At GLTC many Key Club members gather to get to know more about the Georgia key club district board, fellow key clubbers, and their Lieutenant Governors. At this major event, attendees will listen to inspirational speakers and workshops that will help them gain more information about the Kiwanis Organization and Key Club, as well as participating in various activities to bond with other key clubbers.

The schedule of GLTC:

10:00 am: Parking lots open at Six Flags Over Georgia

10:30 am: Front Gate of Six Flags Over Georgia opens

10:00 am - 10:45 am: Registration at Fountain Inside Six Flags Over Georgia

11:00 am: General Session at the Crystal Pistol

1:00 pm: Lunch in the Peachtree Pavilion

2:00 pm: Event ends - Free Time to have fun in the park

9:00 pm: Six Flags closes for the day

One might ask, “Why should I go to GLTC?” Well, there are many benefits and reasons for attending GLTC. First, by meeting their respective Lieutenant Governors, school key clubs can better align their goals with the district board and gain better access to the resources provided by the GA district board. Secondly, after attending workshops and joining multiple activities, attendees get the whole day to spend at Six Flags with their friends!

Packing List:

In order to get the best experience at GLTC, attendees should pack note-taking materials (pens, pencils, notebooks), electronic devices (phones), money for snacks and merchandise, reusable water bottles, and cameras to capture their memories! Make sure to wear you best Key Club Spirit Wear!! Hope to see you there!

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