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How Clubs Can Obtain Sponsorships, Grants, and Scholarships

Written By: Milla Eldridge, District Projects Chair

Because Key Club is a non-profit organization, 100% of the money raised from fundraising activities goes to designated charities. If a Key Club wishes to hold an event, they can request sponsorships from local businesses, as well as apply for grants and scholarships from organizations. For locally owned business sponsorships, it is important to reach out directly to the business owner or general manager. Local business are happy to sponsor school-based events with clubs, especially ones that are non-profit like Key Club. Hosting a Spirit Night at a local restaurant benefits the business with customers and benefits your Key Club with money for events and activities. In return for their sponsorship, some businesses might want their logo/address/phone number on the back of a custom t-shirt. These t-shirts mutually benefit Key Club by creating increased awareness of the business as well as your club’s community presence. Establishing a relationship between a business’s management/owner using clear communication in emails and visiting the business is key to securing sponsorships.

While locally owned businesses offer sponsorships, corporate branded business are more likely to offer scholarships and grants. Because these entities have broader financial stability, more steps are required to secure financial support. Many corporations have websites were Key Clubs can apply for support. These applications might require tax information like _____. (Olivia: I don’t know what that tax identification number is for non-profits, but that would go in the blank) The application might also require a written or typed cover letter explaining why your club is requesting support and how the money will be used. These applications have deadlines, so it is important to submit everything on time. If you receive a scholarship or grant, many companies require that you report on how the club uses the scholarship and the impact of the club’s fundraiser/activity.

In conclusion, keeping in touch with local businesses, completing applications on time, and reporting on club activities are the most effective was Key Clubs can get sponsorships, grants, scholarships.

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