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Meet the 2022-2023 District Lieutenant Governors

Lt. Governor Division 13: Joshua Song

Hi! My name is Joshua Song and I am a sophomore at Lambert High School. For the 22-23 year, I will be serving as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 13. As a LTG, I act as a connector between the Georgia Key Club board and the local clubs in Division 13. I send monthly newsletters to the clubs I am in charge of and keep clubs updated on district-level events and projects. I look forward to working with everyone!

Lt. Governor Division 14: Hartej Singh

Hello everyone, my name is Hartej Singh and I have been elected to represent the wonderful division of 14! My experience with Key Club first started when I joined as a freshman when I wanted to help out the community and make a positive change. Through my experience with this wonderful organization, I have developed a multitude of skills and memorable experiences! When I am not doing Key Club business, I like to play basketball, and hang out with friends!

Lt. Governor Division 15: Jaehun Baek

Hello, my name is Jaehun Baek and I am Lieutenant Governor for division 15. As a Lieutenant governor, I hold meetings with the club officers in my division and serve as a bridge between the Kiwanis family and Key Club. I also work to ensure that the clubs in my division function more effectively through communication. As a person, I enjoy listening to music and watch movies at home!

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Lt. Governor Division 13:

Lt. Governor Division 14:

Lt. Governor Division 15:

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