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My Favorite Service Project

Read below to hear from some of our members as they discuss what their favorite service projects are and why. Projects range from volunteering at marathons and schools, to helping end the water crisis through the Thirst Project.

Chloe Koo says "My favorite Key Club service project was a volunteer opportunity experience at a marathon event. Key clubbers gathered for the marathon event and we were first led to the registration booths, which were used to help the families and kids to sign in and receive their running numbers. I chose this as my favorite service project because I was able to meet new Key Clubbers and have fun with them, while serving the kids and their families with water bottles, t shirts, and their running numbers. I enjoyed being able to interact with the families who were willing to come out so early in the morning to participate in the marathon. We also helped with moving and opening boxes of t shirts to hand out after participants completed the marathon. The marathon event, which around 10 students volunteered to help out, provided time for bonding and becoming a team of passionate Key Clubbers. I realized that Key Club service projects didn't simply mean hard work, but also worked as a time to have fun serving your community. Being a part of the marathon event served as a new experience I have never tried before and through that, I was able to learn something different as a regular high school student. Helping out at the marathon event assisted me to open up even more to future Key Club events and made me realize the purpose and contentment of service opportunities as a Key Clubber."

Erika Middleton says "My favorite service project has to be the thirst project. It’s my favorite project because we are literally giving an opportunity of a lifetime to someone who probably couldn’t have done it for themselves. We are really impacting the lives of others. This is why it’s my favorite, because we are changing the world for something better."

Comeback for part 2 to find out about other members' favorite projects!

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