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Our Relationship with Kiwanis

Written by Whitney Martin, LT. Governor of Division 2

In the Kiwanis Family there is K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, and of course Kiwanis. We are all related within the Kiwanis Family. Key club is the largest student led organization in the world. In Key Club you get the chance to learn leadership skills, as well as serve your community. Didn’t get enough community service? Don't worry, join Circle K. Circle K is a chance to continue the Key Club experience throughout College, as being a member in Circle K you are a Kiwanis member. As you graduate college you can join Kiwanis and continue serving your community.

Kiwanis works with Key Club in many service projects. Kiwanis is just like Key Club but for adults. Their goal as an organization is to help kids around the world, whether it is poverty or fighting a disease.

Kiwanis and Key Club work together to give the world a better vision.

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