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What are DCMs, why are they important?

Written by Monica Cho, Lt. Governor of Division 5

Georgia District Key Club Lieutenant Governors are responsible for holding five divisional council meetings (DCMs) during their term. At DCMs, Lieutenant Governors update, train, and educate Key Club officers and advisors on district and international events, programs, and scholarships. Other service projects, ice-breakers, and social events may be planned for these meetings to foster a closer relationship between members of the division. It is important that Key Club officers join their DCMs because while they can be in direct contact with Lieutenant Governors, they can also be updated with new happenings in the district board, upcoming events, and new Key Club ideas.

Although DCMs are normally held in-person in a geographically centered area regarding the division, all meetings throughout the 2020-21 year are to be held virtually due to the COVID-19 situation. Some topics that may be discussed in DCMs are the following:

  • District & International projects

  • Fundraising ideas

  • Youth Opportunities Fund

  • Kiwanis Family involvement

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