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What is SLC?

Written By: Aaron So

Service and Leadership Conference

Hey Georgia Key Clubbers!

Be sure to register for the 2023 Service & Leadership Conference (SLC) by this Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at 11:59 PM!

Attendees experience this encapsulating and memorable weekend by:

  • Making new friends from across the state of Georgia

  • Attending leadership development workshops

  • Listening to our keynote speaker (three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Gail Devers)

  • Pieing Key Clubbers in the face

  • Participating in the Talent & Awards Gala

  • Electing people to District-level offices: Lieutenant Governor, District Bulletin Editor, District Secretary-Treasurer, and District Governor.

  • Dancing at the Governor’s Ball!

We have three workshop exciting workshop blocks:

Workshop Block 1 - GA Key Club Partners

  • Thirst Project Workshop (Evan Wesley)

  • Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes Workshop (Mike Leathers)

Workshop Block 2 - Leveling Up Your Key Club

  • Key Club/Kiwanis Family Trivia

  • Kiwanis Family/Key Club 101

  • Social Media Presence Workshop

Workshop Block 3 - Employability Skills

  • Public Speaking Workshop (Sachi Koto)

  • Workshop TBD (Mike Cahill)

  • Learning Efficiently & Effectively (Dr. Brooke Skelton)

Check out our preliminary schedule of what is to come at this year’s Service & Leadership Conference (SLC)!

Aaron So

District Events Chair 2022-2023

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