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Why Key Club?

Written By: Jessica Shin, District Secretary-Treasurer and Milla Eldridge

Key Club, in my opinion, is probably one of the most special and life changing clubs that you can be a part of. So, what makes Key Club so special? Key Club may seem like one of the many service clubs that are out there, and you might be wondering why join Key Club. The key aspect of Key Club is that “student-led” part. Through Key Club, students are given the opportunity to use their ideas to lead their Key Club. Students are able to develop and learn new leadership skills that would benefit them both in the future and in the present. Key Club is also the world’s largest student-led organization, which is AMAZING! Along with learning new leadership skills, students have a chance to work with other students around the world. Everyone is united in this big family of Key Clubbers. So, back to my question. What makes Key Club so special? Well, it’s the experiences you experience, the skills you learn, and the family that you are part of. That’s what makes Key Club so different.

Key Club's History and Impact:

Key Club is an awesome opportunity for domestic and international students, with the international organization having more than 5,000 clubs and 270,000 members across 38 countries on six of the seven continents! Key Club was founded by two Kiwanis Club members that had the idea to create a "junior" club that resembles Kiwanis. The first members of the club were "key" boys in school, boys who were willing to improve school spirit and serve the club.

Today, Key Club provides many high school students with an outlet to serve their communities, develop leadership skills, build character, make friends, and improve academic achievement. No one Key Club looks the same; every community is different and each Key Club is reflective of it's communities needs. The most common types of Key Club activities are food-drives, car-washes, and fundraising for different charities.

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