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2020 Georgia Key Club Service & Leadership Conference (SLC)

By: Kathy Ye, District Bulletin Editor and District Events Chair

It's 2020 now: the start of a new year and decade. And speaking of a New Year, this Key Club year's end is drawing close, and will be wrapped up in February at our annual Service and Leadership Conference (SLC). SLC is our biggest district wide even in the Georgia district where Key Clubbers from all over Georgia come together to celebrate a great year of service and leadership. At this three day event, there will be exciting workshops, contests, awards, and much more! Learn about how to become a better leader, plan meetings, how Key Club works on district level and beyond, and more, as well as meet new friends from all over Georgia that share the same passion for service and leadership. It really will be an experience of a lifetime!

This year we will be celebrating another year of outstanding service and leadership at SLC from February 21-23 in Peachtree City! Below is the link for more information and registration, as well as the experiences of fellow Georgia Key Clubbers who have previously attended SLC. The deadline to register is January 24, 2020, so register quickly!


“ SLC was a place filled with smiling and excited people that in return motivated me to become more active in Key Club. It was very fun.”

- Melanie Kim, Lambert High School Key Club

"SLC was a wonderful experience that was extremely eye opening, especially as a new Key Clubber that year."

- Shrinidhi Vaideeswaran, Lambert High School Key Club

"SLC was very welcoming and I met so many new friends there as well as learned so much about Key Club."

- Cassy Hsu, Sandy Creek High School Key Club

"There's a great dance to rock out to as well!"

- Olivia Twiggs, Central Christian School Key Club

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