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Bulletin Editor Greeting 2024-25

Written by: Kimberly Pacheco-Medina, District Bulletin Editor

Hey Georgia Key Club! My name is Kimberly Pacheco-Medina, and I will be serving as your Bulletin Editor for the 2024-2025 Service year. I have been a proud Key Club member since my freshman year of high school, and I hope to continue my journey as a Key Clubber throughout my Senior year. Last year, I served as the Lieutenant Governor of division 6 and this position allowed me to gain some valuable leadership skills, which I hope to implement as Bulletin Editor.

Throughout the service year my goals will be to focus on the Keyosk and increase interactions with Key club members through the Georgia District Instagram. My main goal will be to create entertaining content in order to increase member engagement and contribute directly towards member attendance at District events. Although this may be a challenging task, I hope to collaborate with my fellow board members to make this possible. 

It is an honor to be the Bulletin Editor this year and I hope to continue to create and capture several everlasting memories during this term!

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