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Do YOU Want to Win?

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

By Melanie Kim, Contests and Policies Chair

Contests: something that everyone loves to participate in and win! In fact, Georgia Key Club has a plethora of them! Each contest has its own unique criteria. The forms are all online, excluding the contests held during SLC, and they take only a few minutes. Some forms even involve a potential scholarship opportunity for the seniors. This year, a few modifications have been made to the number of contest; one was combined while another was added.

On top of the online contests, there are 2 contests that take place during SLC, the oratorical and talent contest. Both of the sign-ups will happen at registration. Besides the contests that will happen during SLC, all other online forms are due January 24, 2020. The link to access the list of contests and their corresponding forms is Participating in these contests is a great way to get involved and get recognized at SLC! 

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