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Georgia Sheriffs' Youth Homes

Written by Nidhi Charagundla, District Project Chair

Georgia Sheriffs' Youth Homes has been a massive part of my Key Club journey. Key Club has expanded my experience with organizations including our mission to raise $16,000 this year to support the wellness pavilion for the Georgia Sheriffs' Youth Homes organization. Not only have I contributed to this important goal, but I have also experienced the initiative of this organization first hand. As an individual I have seen the children impacted by this nonprofit and the many lives that they have helped grow. A few of my friends and I decided to carry out a STEM workshop with the children at the Cherokee estate GSYH division. When we held our workshop we had an incredible workspace that Key Club helped provide called the education center. Marked by the Key Club logo, everyone was able to enjoy an evening full of knowledge in a comforting environment.

As a new member, I was unaware of the purpose of our fundraising, but as my time as a member grew, I grew to love the organizations that Key Club partners with. My journey with this organization has been incredible so far and I hope it continues the same way. From my personal memories to the ones shared by other volunteers and advocates, I am proud to support and assist this valuable initiative.

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