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How to: Encourage members to attend meetings

Written by Adrian Bennett, Lt. Governor of Division 4

Meeting attendance is one of the most important aspects of Key Club, as the meetings are the brunt of the planning, brainstorming, and design thinking. Additionally, it is important to ensure that members, especially officers, are regularly attending them! With that being said, there are a multitude of ways to encourage and stimulate meeting attendance!

The first way that you can encourage meeting attendance is to create digital group chats whose purpose is to inform, update, and ensure communication about club meetings at regular intervals. With this constant stream of information coming to club goers, especially the leadership team, it will be very hard to be uninformed about upcoming meetings. Not only that, but having these group chats will undoubtedly create an atmosphere of pro-activity in which club members will be able to plan ahead accordingly, and put their best foot forward in terms of what information they are heading into club meetings with. Furthermore, if members won’t be able to make the meetings at a certain time or date, alternate arrangements can always be planned with much ease due to the convenience of group chats!

A second way to encourage attendance is to provide incentives for diligent and consistent attendees! It is especially important to reward members who regularly show up to meetings, as Key Club wouldn’t be nearly as possible without them! They need to know that their contributions to both individual clubs, and Key Club at large, are greatly important and greatly appreciated! The incentives can be as small or large as the executive team would like, with goodie bags, restaurant outings, dedication posts on social media, and school-sponsored, exclusive incentive programs, being great examples of said rewards!

Regardless of the idea, always remember to have fun with it and Key Club first!

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