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Improving Membership at Your Home Club

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Written by: Anvita Rautray, District Membership Growth & Retention Chair

Meeting on a regular basis, it is inevitable for members’ involvement to slowly decrease as the year continues. So, what can be done to bring in more dedicated members to your Key Club chapter?

Plan fun recruitment events: Show potential members the purpose of your chapter’s Key Club and your positive influence in your community through fun events! Host an ice cream social, plan an evening filled with returning members and prospective members being acquainted with one another with fun, ice-breaking activities, etc. Show your prospective members that Key Club is a close-knit community of their own that works together to bring positive change and still enjoys having a nice time.

Create a referral program: Have returning members bring in new members to your meetings to introduce them to the chapter and offer an incentive to the returning members that bring in the highest number of new members that remain involved till the end of the year! Not only would you be allowing the returning members to further involve themselves by spreading the information about Key Club, but you would also be getting more members to join your chapter!

Spread the word: Most of the time, you may be having a decrease in your membership because students simply may not know about your chapter. Spread the word through announcements, social media posts, posters, and word-of-mouth through friends.

Stay committed: It may take a fairly significant amount of time and effort to be able to increase membership, which is completely alright. Make sure to stay dedicated. Create a goal for your chapter and strive towards it with the help of your officers.

Key Club is an organization that prides itself in its’ members’ dedication and involvement towards serving the community. By contributing to membership increase in your chapter, you are allowing for greater positive change in your community.

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