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International Volunteer Day 2022

Written By: Hartej Singh, Angela Lee, Julianna Dela Torriente

Happy International Volunteer Day! Created in 1985, the International Volunteer Day is on December 5th, and it recognizes the moments that people have made an impact in their community. This year's theme is “solidarity through volunteering", and it revolves around driving human power to create a change in voluntarism. Not only people, but numerous organizations, such as the United Nations encourages the growth of this special day, embodying a sense of pride in helping the community to the general public. On this day, make sure to thank any volunteer who put their compassionate effort around the world. In addition, make sure to go out as a Key Clubber, to make a step into the soil of volunteering for the future.

Here are some ways that GA Key Clubbers have participated in International Volunteer Day

Angela Lee, LTG of Division 5:

I stumbled upon an opportunity to wholesale buy masks to help supply this scarce item to those who did not have access. The pandemic disrupted the global supply chain, and many mask providers could not keep up with the sudden exponential increase in demand for masks, especially with China going into lockdown and limited freighters being able to enter and exit China, the leading country of commodities. Because I was given this opportunity to purchase masks, I wanted to play my part in society by helping distribute masks.

I loaded my trunk full of boxes of masks and drove from hospital to hospital with the expectation that all these hospitals and clinics would accept the masks. I was greeted with open arms entering and interacting with people within some of the hospitals I embarked on. This experience helped me realize that my actions can help actively change the community for the better. I continue to help my community not just by donating masks but also by offering other services to society. Even just this week, I helped underprivileged kids in Asian countries help learn English through calls. Even the smallest of actions you do can make the biggest impact, so continue to help your community.

Julianna Dela Torriente

Being a part of Key Club means giving people the opportunity to serve, build character, and develop leadership. I’ve been able to do this through many service projects at my school, although a particular service project that stood out to me was one where we gave back to our local elementary schools. For instance, we help with assisting events such as their beginning of the school year celebration called the glow-in-the-dark party. I was helping at the book fair, and I was in charge of greeting guests, helping organize books, and interacting with elementary kids about their favorite kinds of books. I was able to learn more about specific people such as this one-fifth grader who had already read the Harry Potter series.

During this service project I was able to reflect on the times I was an elementary schooler and remember seeing all the older kids help out. Coincidentally, this service project had taken place at the elementary school that I had attended in fifth grade. Therefore it was very easy to put me back into the shoes of my fifth-grade self and truly appreciate the volunteer work I was doing. Moreover, when I was in elementary school I thought highly of the older children volunteering. Therefore being able to be in the position I once admired as a little kid allowed me to reflect on the importance of giving back.

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