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Key Club Changes: New Membership Goals and Awards

Written by: Anvita Rautray, District Membership Growth & Retention Chair

As the new school year is quickly approaching, we have also begun to implement new goals and awards in order to reward membership growth and retention at your club meetings. In this article, you will learn about the two new programs that have been created:

Membership Momentum:

In order to maintain membership growth, this program will be with the hope to achieve a 10% increase in membership throughout the Georgia district. First, a completion certificate will be given to the chapters with 15% increase in their individual chapter membership as compared to last year’s numbers. After receiving that certificate, the chapters will then be eligible to be placed into a tier (bronze, silver, or gold) in which they will compete with other similar-sized chapters for the Membership Momentum Award. This award will be given to the individual chapter in each tier with the highest percent increase in membership. Tiers will be based off of their previous year’s membership numbers and this is how it will be decided which chapter is in which tier.

Loyal-key Award:

This award will be given to individuals who have had good-standing membership with Key Club for 4 years in their respective school chapter. These individuals will be identified through club officers or advisors who will present to their Lieutenant Governor a list at the end of the year. Then, at their divisional rally, these members will be recognized and rewarded with the certificate to showcase their expansive dedication towards service.

Good luck to each chapter in the upcoming year and I hope everyone’s summer went well. I look forward to seeing all the great things each chapter will achieve!

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