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Key Club Spotlight!

Key clubs all around Georgia have been working hard to help our home, schools, and community. Learn about what our spotlight Key Club, SWGHA Key Club, has been doing!

Family Day at the Albany Museum of Art

By Tristan Hatfield, Vice President, SWGHA Key Club, Division 12

Family Day at the Albany Museum of Art has been a gratifying, biannual event hosted by the Albany Museum of Art and the Albany Department of Parks and Recreation and aided by SWGHA’s Key Club for over a decade.  While the event is an overall pleasant experience for the Key Club members working there, it’s also a charming and refreshingly beneficial experience for young kids being brought up in a technologically driven milieu to take a hiatus from technological entertainment and get a chance to have a good time that involves a bit more ingenuity and physical energy.  Kids attending get a chance to engage in outdoor activities such as sack races or chalk art as well as indoor arts and crafts. Most importantly, it’s a chance for families to spend time together and for kids to get to express their energy and creativity in a safe and fun environment! 

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