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KEY to Virtual Meetings

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Written By: Takiyah Holt, LTG. of Division 3

This pandemic has made participation in Key Club virtually way more difficult. Google meets , zoom, Skype any forms of virtual meetings are tough to make interactive. It’s often hard to get all resources and information across to those included in the meet. Including everyone and making sure all ideas are heard is difficult but with a few tricks the meets can work out well.

First and foremost always make a shareable google doc, Microsoft word document or whatever software available paper that holds all links and sources of information on a itinerary for the meetings . Including an itinerary can allow those in the meets to follow along and absorb the content even if they expire be the inevitable such as connection issues, computer lagging, etc. Also on the same shareable document include emails or other means of communication so those in the meet can contact if they have questions.

While making sure all attendees have access to the information also include exciting and interactive games or polls. Making a Kahoot on the information presented at the meetings can promote content retention. Some meets have softwares that allow for hosts to do polls or an answer question feature that doesn't go directly to the chat. Include more software such as a nearpod where attendees can draw and make things such as posted notes on a slide and comment . Including both the meets and interactive softwares such as nearpod , kahoot , blooket it , whiteboard , etc can make your meetings not only resourceful but interactive.

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