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Meet the 2022-2023 District Lieutenant Governors!

Lt. Governor Division 1: Jackson Thomas

My name is Jackson Thomas, I’m a junior in high school and live in Blue Ridge GA. I love gaming, Basketball, and Key Club. I also love Marvel an Star Wars and hanging out with my friends. I’m more than happy to serve my division as their Lieutenant Governor and can’t wait to reach out and get to know more people around the state of Georgia.

Lt. Governor Division 2: Garrison Hamm

Hi, I am Garrison Hamm of division two. I live as far north as you can get in Georgia. Up in the Blue Ridge mountains (yes it does snow here). My job is to bridge the gap between Key Clubs and the district board. I am very excited to be helping with Key Club on such a level.

Lt. Governor Division 3: Abigail Morris

Greetings to all: My name is Abigail Morris, and I am a sophomore at Chapel Hill High School. I joined Key Club at the start of my sophomore year and have given so much since then, and I plan to continue to do so for many years to come. I would've never thought for things to escalate so quickly in my life from just going to all the 30 minutes meetings in my school library to now being on the District Board. I've gained a strong desire to help others and for Key Club in general, which has reinforced my character. My role as lieutenant governor is to assist my division and the Key Club as a whole is expanding and enlisting new members. Key Club is more than just events, meetings, and charter schools; it's a place where you can be more open-minded with your ideas and put them on the table while also receiving input from others--- You'll find me studying medicine in the healthcare field or reading a lot outside of Key Club:), I hope for this year to be a memorable year! Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions.

I am at your convenience, Morris, Abigail

Contact Info:

Lt. Governor Division 1:

Lt. Governor Division 2:

Lt. Governor Division 3:

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