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Meet the 2023-24 Lieutenant Governors!

Lt. Governor of Division 1: Aryan Batada

I'm Aryan, a rising senior at Lambert High School! In my free time, I love watching Netflix while snacking on spicy chips. When I'm not watching Netflix, I'm at the mall with my friends or trying out cafés in Atlanta.

Lt. Governor of Division 2: Anh Ho

Hi everyone! My name is Anh, and I will be your 2023-2024 Lieutenant Governor for Key Club Division 2. I am beyond excited to be serving this year for you all! Outside of Key Club, I love tennis, percussion, and cooking. My favorite movie is Interstellar because I am a physics nerd and I find astronomy really interesting.

Lt. Governor of Division 3: Lorelei Sims

Hello guys! My name is Lorelei Sims, and I am a rising junior at Chapel Hill High School. For fun, I enjoy watching movies, playing my clarinet, reading, and hanging out with my friends and family. My role as Lieutenant Governor is to assist my division and Key Club as a whole to enlist new members who want to lead and serve. Key Club is more than just events, meetings, and chartering new clubs, it's a place where you can be open-minded with your ideas and put them on the table while also receiving input from others. I can’t wait to serve and make the community better with you guys! If you ever need anything, contact me at!

Lt. Governor of Division 4: Ajay Vir

Greetings, everyone! I'm Ajay Vir, the Lieutenant Governor of Division 4. Currently, I'm a rising junior at Campbell High School. One thing that brings me joy is assisting others whenever possible. Inside the school, I strive to push my boundaries by enrolling in numerous AP classes. Outside of academics, I like spending quality time with my friends and family. Moreover, one of my favorite hobbies is traveling the world with my family.

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