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Meet the 2023-24 Lieutenant Governors!

Lt. Governor of Division 13: Jacqueline Kim

Hello, name is Jacky Kim and I’m the 2023-2024 Lieutenant Governor of Division 13! As an LTG I’ll be holding meetings with my division’s club officers in order to connect them with the Georgia Key Club District Board. I love cats, skateboarding, cooking, and cold weather, so I hope I’ll encounter all these things and more during my term! I look forward to a great year with everyone!

Lt. Governor of Division 14:

Lt. Governor of Division 15: Sarah Kim

Hello! My name is Sarah Kim, and I am a junior at Lambert High School. As the Lieutenant Governor of Division 15, I am responsible for connecting the District board to local clubs in this division and sending out monthly newsletters to communicate with clubs and keep everyone updated. Outside of Key Club, I love listening to music and going to concerts! I can't wait to serve the community and meet everyone this year!

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