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Mentors of Key Club: Kiwanis Family and Circle K

Written by: Joshua Song

The Kiwanis Family and Circle K helps Key Club and other related clubs by providing guidance and setting an example for younger members to follow. As adults who have experienced more and served more, the Kiwanis Family and Circle K members can assist Key Clubbers to solve potential problems and provide mentorships in difficult situations. They help Key Clubs gain various insight and ideas on service events/projects. The Kiwanis Family and Circle K also make sure that Key Clubs are keeping track with the service goals of Kiwanis.

By connecting individually with the Kiwanis Family and Circle K, Key Clubbers can also gain help and mentorship on individual problems or situations. Members from the Kiwanis Family or the Circle K often attend various Key Club events as guest-speakers to help inspire young students to better serve their community.

As many key clubbers are graduating high school and are entering the new world, it is a great idea to join Circle K International! CKI empowers college students to serve their local and global communities as they develop lifelong friends and leadership skills. So, why should I join CKI? Joining CKI brings you into a global family that is the world's largest collegiate service organization. As a member, one can develop professional skills, grow their circle, make an impact, and is offered networking and mentorships. If you are interested in joining or learning more about Circle K international, check out . In addition, check out to learn more about the Kiwanis Family and its great support towards Key Club.

Circle K International

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