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Partner Spotlight: UNICEF

Written by: Joshua Song, District Kiwanis Family & Major Emphasis Chair

One of our preferred charities of the 23-24 year is UNICEF: “Start Strong Zambia”. UNICEF's initiative, "Start Strong Zambia," represents a vital step towards securing a brighter future for the nation's children. In a world where early childhood experiences lay the foundation for lifelong development, this program takes on paramount significance. By concentrating on the early years of a child's life, UNICEF aims to ensure that each child in Zambia has an equitable start in life, regardless of their background or circumstances.

"Start Strong Zambia" is built upon a multifaceted approach that encompasses various aspects of early childhood development. It targets comprehensive healthcare, including proper nutrition and access to essential healthcare services, to guarantee that children have the physical well-being necessary to thrive. Moreover, the initiative focuses on early education, understanding that a child's cognitive development begins long before formal schooling. By fostering a stimulating environment that encourages learning through play and exploration, UNICEF aims to set children on a trajectory of intellectual growth.

Currently, Key Club International aims to help “Start Strong Zambia” by building innovative community centers called Insakas, training community-based volunteers/ healthcare providers/ teachers and providing age-appropriate toys such as books and stringing beads.

All support from Key Clubs and members to help Key Club International make a difference in their efforts will be greatly appreciated!

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