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Pay your Key Club Dues on Time!!

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Written By: Julianna Dela Torriente and Shashvati Patil

Key Club Dues are important as they ensure that Key Club runs smoothly! The on-time dues deadline is December 1st 2022. In order to remain as an active Key Club member, make sure to pay your dues. The dues for the 2022-2023 school year are 14 dollars per member.

Why is paying Key Club dues so important?

Without Key Club members paying dues, our organization (Key Club International) would no longer be able to function correctly. The money paid by Key Club members goes a lot farther than one may conclude. It is extremely important for dues to be paid on time by every member of your club. Now, where exactly does one’s Key Club dues go? Well, the 14-dollar funds are split and sent back to the district. 7 dollars stay with Key Club International and 7 dollars are sent to Georgia.

How do I submit the Dues?

To submit dues, a key club faculty advisor must log in to the Membership Update Center at Indicate which members are serving as club officers for the 2022-2023 year, and generate your invoice, or pay via check or credit card. If a Key Club member needs more information, like finding their Club Key number, feel free to contact our District Administrator Heather Brindle at

Key clubs can make a huge impact in their communities, by collecting food for local food banks, bringing awareness to the global water crisis with the Thirst Project, and supporting community initiatives such as GSYH. To ensure that your Key Club can continue to have an impact in your community please make sure to pay your dues, and update your roster.

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