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Why Should You Join the GA District Board and Key Club?

Written By: Caroline Montgomery, Angela Lee, Jaehun Baek, Julianna Dela Torriente, Charlee Reynolds

Why Should You Join Key Club?

Caroline Mei Montgomery Key Club Secretary of Southwest Georgia Homeschool Association

I initially joined Key Club because my older sister was in it. I expected that I would just

attend meetings and help with Key Club’s annual service projects. I never imagined that I would feel as accomplished as I did or make as many friends.

Joining Key Club at first was just something to improve my college resume, but as I

continued to participate, it became so much more. After every service project, I came home feeling as if I, an ordinary high schooler, made a difference. I served globally, by collecting money for UNICEF to help Zambia. I served locally by making 100 bagged lunches for the Albany Rescue Mission. I also served within my school by cleaning the building one afternoon. I had these opportunities to make differences through Key Club.

Not only had Key Club given me so many opportunities to serve, but it also gave me new relationships. During every service project and meeting, I made so many new friends. Key Club became a group of friends all serving rather than a club working. The friendly and welcoming environment made some projects, such as Stash The Trash, enjoyable.

I joined Key Club out of expectation, but its rewarding service projects and lasting

friendships are the reasons I still participate today.

Angela Lee: LTG of Division 4

Why Should You Join the GA District Board?

Julianna Dela Torriente : LTG of Division 11

My name is Julianna Dela Torriente, and I’ve been a part of Key Club for two years, you can ask anyone that when I went to our first board meeting I was a fish out of the blue! Being reasonably new to Key Club I was so nervous about taking a big step from being a member to being a part of the district board, however as my time comes to an end on the board, I’ve never been so thankful for an opportunity.

As an LTG, I’ve met amazing people who want to spread the ideas of leadership and volunteering. As well as experiencing ICON which took place in Washington DC over the summer, ICON gave me lasting memories that I will always cherish. Furthermore, everyone on the board is amazing, I could have never imagined not being a part of such a great organization. As an LTG it's my job to stay in good communication with all my clubs, I send out monthly emails and am always texting my club officers for updates, and I also help with organizing service events.

Therefore coming from a person who was new to everything about Key Club it can sound super intimating or scary to try something new. Although I can’t express how much I’ve loved being a part of the district board and I think if anyone has a chance or interest in becoming inducted onto the board I would 100% recommend you do it.

Jaehun Baek: LTG of Division 15

Charlee Reynolds: LTG of Division 12

If you are interested in joining the Georgia District Board, visit ! Applications for the Georgia District Board are due February 19th at 11:59pm, and all candidates must attend the Service and Leadership Conference. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

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