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The ICON Experience: Lights, Camera, Service!

Updated: Apr 30

Written by: Lorelei Sims, LTG of Division 3 & Kimberly Pacheco-Medina, LTG of Division 6 & Annamaya Kanu, LTG of Division 8


Sitting in a room filled with hundreds of members who share an evenly matched passion for Key Club as you. That is how I would describe my first Key Club International Convention in Anaheim, California! Being able to connect and bond with members worldwide to create memories that will last me a lifetime. At the conference, there were several motivational speakers including a princess and the winner of Survivor, season 3. In addition, there were awards, talent shows, and rousing workshops to choose from. Caucusing and electing the International Board for 2023-2024 was a riveting experience. One of my favorite memories would probably be hanging out with the board and making lifelong friendships at Disneyland and Santa Monica beach. Seeing the Hollywood sign and all the stars in Hollywood boulevard was so fun. I also loved pin trading which I didn’t have high expectations of, however it was the best way to connect and meet members. I loved having the gold coke pin and people begging me on the ground for it. ICON 2023, thank you for introducing me to so many wonderful people, and I cannot wait to experience it all again at the 98th Annual Key Club International Convention in ATLANTA!


Phenomenal. That is the one word I would use to describe my ICONic experience at the 2023 International Convention in Anaheim, California. Whether it was pin-trading with my fellow peers or enjoying the many amazing sights and attractions, I always found something to do in this amazing city. On the day we arrived, we got the opportunity to meet the 11 other districts that would be touring with us on the three days prior to the commencement of the convention itself. Everyone radiated an insane amount of energy and they were all just as thrilled to start the tour as I was. It was my first time in California so I was very excited to see the birthplace of several celebrities and well-known attractions such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Disneyland! Seeing these places was such a surreal experience and enjoying them with some of the best people in the world made it all more fun.

On the first day of convention, we had the pleasure of meeting the rest of the districts which would be joining us for the next couple of days. We got to meet the candidates running for international trustee, vice president, and president. It was absolutely incredible to meet people who shared the same passion for Key Club as I did. Everyone had different stories on how Key Club had tremendously shaped their lives and it felt great to be able to relate. Additionally, I enjoyed the many workshops and speakers. Each workshop was filled with valuable lessons and the speakers all had inspirational stories and pieces of advice. To say this experience was like no other is an understatement, It is one I will never forget and I will always cherish the memories I made here with my fellow Key Clubbers :)


ICON 2023 was genuinely iconic! From the incredible guest speakers like the Sierra Leonean African Princess, Key Club performers, and amazing International Candidates, you had to be there! I reminisce on the unique Key Clubbers I met in California. I served as a Key Club TV Interviewer, which allowed me to get to know many interesting people! We made outfit of the day videos, shared our ICON experience, and shouted out our supportive Key Club Advisors. In addition, I was introduced to KIWINIS, a service-based organization founded in California for women! Every workshop I attended left me with something to bring back to my home club. I had the opportunity to speak to district governors and trustees that do so much for Key Club! Overall, my time at ICON this year, was an unforgettable experience.

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