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Valentine's Day Fundraisers!

Written By: Mahika Patel, LTG of Division 7

Valentine’s Day is known for spreading affection and appreciation for everyone, you cherish dearly. Americans spent around $18.2 billion on gift-giving, flowers, and chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Rather than spending money on materialistic items, organizing fundraisers for Valentines Day can add special meaning to the gifts.

Chocolate covered strawberries are a signature Valentine's dessert. Selling the strawberries during school with meaningful notes can be special. There are so many ways to customize the strawberries you can add designs onto the strawberries such as heart, or even messages. You could even partner with a local bakery and share a percentage of the profits benefiting your nonprofit.

Flowers are a classic way of making a sweet gesture. Working with a local florist to organize “Flower Grams”. The “Flower Grams” could consist of small handmade flower bouquets, with a handwritten note attached to the flowers. You can charge $5, $10, or $15 depending on the expenses. You could even use brown paper for wrapping the flowers and adding pictures or messages onto the paper.

Holidays such as Valentine’s Day are notable ways to spread the meaning behind the holiday, as well as gain support for your organization. As long as you are reinforcing the idea and engaging with the cause, you’ll have a great starting point to raise money for your cause.

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