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What are your SMART goals as a lieutenant governor?

Written By: Jaehun Baek

As a Lieutenant Governor, setting realistic goals for my position is essential to successfully complete my tasks throughout the year. Setting goals for my position can help keep me on track for event planning, communication. and overall success in my term.

Each position in the district board serves a different purpose while all working together to achieve the common goal of bettering the Georgia District of Key Club International.

The SMART goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Bound. This acronym requires the goal to be simple yet meaningful and attainable so that I will work to reach to goal in limited time.

My SMART goals for my term as a lieutenant governor is to hold one divisional council meeting to introduce myself and explain plans as Lieutenant Governor to club officers by September of 2022.

Another goal in my list is to hold a divisional rally by December of 2022. These two goals have to be met as it is required of me to hold the meetings in my division and connect with the club officers to further develop the increasing influence of Key Club in Georgia.

My SMART goals require time management skills and realistic goals that can be achieved. These goals help me accomplish my term successfully as the Lieutenant Governor of division 15. I recommend anyone who reads this article to set up your own SMART goals to actively work for personal goals!

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