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Why is Key Club Important to YOU?

Written By: Abigail Morris (Lt. Governor Division 3). Jackson Thomas (Lt. Governor Division 1)

An international group for high school students, Key Club members improve the world through service and give us priceless practical experience living and working together, preparing us for leadership and citizenship. Key Club has helped me realize that I can affect actual social issues, obstacles, and needs, which has personally prepared me for life outside of school.

Additionally, it raises academic standards and enhances school culture. Key Club is surrounded by a wide group of students, and as a result, our community is well-versed in how one functions. When you first start high school, you might not know which group or club you belong in, but Key Club is a family where you not only feel at ease but also learn interaction skills and leadership skills.

You will hold high status positions while just having fun, including leading meetings, planning projects, and leading at the club, district, and global level. You will benefit from having these talents when in high school for the rest of your life. I believe I am more adept at interacting socially with friends and strangers alike, more courageous when speaking my mind, able to collaborate with individuals of all ages, and passionate and dedicated to my community and what I find most fulfilling. I've improved as a speaker, leader, and person thanks to Key Club.

Unlike most people on the board, Key Club is generally a new concept to me. My club chartered in September of 2021 and has thrived since its foundation. But why does any of this matter? How does Key Club really change our world? Events like ICON and SLC are fun and weekly meetings with friends and classmates are great. But what it all comes down to is what type of mindset you have walking into every meeting, project, and event.

Some may have a mindset just in it for friends. Key Club serves as nothing more than a social platform. Some may have the mindset of personal image. How does me showing up and putting on a good show for other people to see. None of these help you grow as a person. Having a mindset of servitude and compassion is what truly makes a leader. Being around friends and setting an example for others is important but always keeping your goal set on helping others is what makes Key Club what it is and why we exist.

Key Club has taught me the leaders are made through service and helping others. It helps guide you through life keeping you humble and caring for the people around you. Just remember when you are doing a car wash to fund wells in Africa or cleaning trash off the beach that it’s not about you it’s about caring for your neighbors that helps make you a better person all the way around.

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