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Why Members are Important: The Inverse Key Club Pyramid

Written By: Monica Cho, District Governor

If you have attended a Key Club 101 workshop, divisional council meeting, or a leadership conference before, you may have heard about the inverse Key Club pyramid. What makes Key Club International the world’s largest high school student-led service organization are its members. Without the members’ passion and dedication to serve their own homes, schools, and communities, Key Club would not be where it is today.

Members - the identity of our organization - stay on top of the pyramid. Upholding the core values of leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness, members make up the largest portion of Key Club.

As you go down the pyramid, you will find many different leadership positions. Club officers organize service projects and logistics for their home clubs. Lieutenant Governors oversee the Key Clubs within their own division, and District Boards keep all of the divisions within their own district in check. Lastly, the International Board works closely with the District Governors to look after all 33 districts of the organization.

However, regardless of where a Key Clubber fits in the inverted pyramid, he/she will agree that what keeps them motivated to stay in their leadership positions is the willingness to help members continue to serve and build character within the Key Club.

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