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Why Should I attend GLTC?

Written By: Aaron So, District Events Chair

For the majority of Key Clubbers around the world, your ‘standard’ Key Club experience involves serving your schools and communities. While volunteerism is an integral part of the Key Club experience, another arguably important part is experiencing the Georgia District of Key Club’s Georgia Leadership Training Conference (GLTC)!

So what is GLTC?

GLTC will be on August 27th, 2022 and is a high-energy event open to all GA Key Clubbers and GA Kiwanis Family members. The GA district is excited as it will be our first in-person GLTC in two years, and this year our theme is film/movie! At GLTC, upcoming club officers will receive training and club members will meet the 2022-2023 District Board and their respective Lieutenant Governors as well as hear from guest speakers from Key Club’s partner charities. Attendees will experience the Key Club Spirit first hand and will be able to ride some of the most thrilling roller coasters at Georgia’s most exciting theme park! Don’t pass up on the chance to attend GLTC! Register now at

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