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Children's Miracle Network

Written by Nidhi Charagundla, District Project Chair

Key Club decides on certain organizations or charities that they work with and assist because of their shared goals. Key Club’s major emphasis is Children: Their Future, our Focus, and The Children’s Miracle Networks have similar initiatives therefore being a perfect organization for Key Club to partner with. In 1997, Key Club decided to officially partner with Children’s Miracle Network as a charity for their members to support. Children’s Miracle Network is a nonprofit organization that works with hospitalized children by raising awareness and funds to support their treatments. Kiwanis as a whole has donated over $36 million to this organization over the years. Money raised from Key Club goes directly to medical research, up-to-date equipment, trained staff, etc.

As a member of Key Club, you can participate or hold fundraisers to raise money for your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Although clubs might be meeting up virtually, contacting your local CMN and requesting for a representative to speak in one of the meetings could be very beneficial. Some easy things that could be donated are toys for the kids going through trauma, donating books, or simply support other campaigns. Key Club helps CMN hospitals all around the world and as a member, you can support their initiatives hands-on by volunteering at service projects hosted by your locate CMN hospital.

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