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Contests & Awards of Key Club (and why you should start preparing now)

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Written by: Allyson Kim, LTG of Division 11

Key Club offers its members a number of contests to participate in and earn awards for. Recognition programs are to be entered by individual members or school clubs, depending on the program. Participating in these contests is a great way to get involved with Key Club and have your name recognized at the Georgia Service and Leadership Conference (SLC) and/or the Key Club International Conference (ICON). Earning these awards is also a great resume booster as it demonstrates community involvement or individual talent, and it betters your chance of becoming a district officer if interested.

Deadlines come by quickly, so make sure you start preparing as soon as possible. Some programs are held at SLC like the Talent Contest to determine who moves on to compete at the international level at ICON, which is held in Anaheim, California this year, but the individual must practice beforehand in order to have the best chance of winning. Others like the Signature Service Award must be submitted prior to SLC for judgment, usually around early February. The Year in Review Contests (Scrapbooks) showcase service events throughout the entire year, so it is best to work on it after every one or two events to ensure your school club is not rushed as the deadline nears.

It is always better to be aware of these opportunities early and start preparing soon! I highly encourage you to compete and/or apply for these awards. If you have any additional questions, more information can be found at Key Club International and Georgia Key Club.

A few recipients of international-level awards received at ICON 2023!

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