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District Administrator Update on COVID-19

Key Club and What’s Next in the Georgia District

Just a few short weeks ago, Key Club members from around the state gathered for the 75th annual Georgia District Service & Leadership Conference in Peachtree City. Little did we know that three weeks after the conference, our nation and world would be turned upside down due to the impacts of COVID-19. Teachers and school districts had to come up with solutions within days, if not hours, of how to proceed in this new reality - embracing digital tools and unique strategies to continue to provide an education to students.

At the Key Club district level, we’ve had to re-think how to start off a new year with a district board that cannot meet in-person. This weekend, we are holding our first digital board training - twenty students and the adult committee working through goal setting, planning and learning via video conferencing tools - something that is replacing what would have been a weekend-long meeting where all of us would have been together in the same room.

What can clubs do during this time?

While Key Club is certainly not at the top of the hierarchy, many students look at Key Club as a place to link with other like-minded students - and we encourage those that can to continue with club meetings, officer elections and planning for the 2020-2021 school year. Here are a few things that clubs can still do:

  • Hold a club or officer meeting via video conferencing (Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc).

  • Hold officer elections for the 2020-2021 school year - an advisor can set up a digital voting mechanism - like Google Forms - where a member in good standing can submit a vote for candidates for club office. Speeches can be given during a digital club meeting before the voting opens. Have you already elected? Submit the 2020-2021 officer information here.

  • Make plans for 2020-2021! Now is a great time to have brainstorming sessions about what your club can do next year - laying out a framework for service projects you want to focus on, fundraisers you want to hold, and make plans for attending district and international Key Club events!

With so much uncertainty right now, having a sense of normalcy with Key Club meetings and planning can be a great respite from the repetitiveness of being isolated or distanced from other school functions and schedules.

International Convention

At this time, no decision has been made regarding the 2020 Key Club International Convention in San Francisco. If you or other club members were planning to attend, you are still encouraged to actively fundraise and register by the deadline of May 1, 2020 at If for whatever reason the convention is canceled, a refund will be provided in full.

Georgia Leadership Training Conference - August 29, 2020

While August may seem a long-way off, now is the time to start making plans to attend the Key Club Georgia Leadership Training Conference at Six Flags. Add August 29 to your calendar and encourage other club members and officers to attend this amazing event that kicks off the new school and Key Club year! You’ll learn a ton about Key Club, meet other members from all over the state and understand what makes this organization the best service club in the world!

In closing, I encourage you all to continue to be kind to one another, practice patience with teachers, students, families and fellow classmates - and if you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious - to reach out to someone close to you - because trust me, we’re all feeling it!

Please be sure to reach out to your new Key Club Lieutenant Governor to introduce yourself - and expect to be hearing from the district board over the next few weeks as we officially start off the new Key Club year in the Georgia District!

Brad Malone

Administrator, Georgia District

Key Club International

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