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How to Increase Membership at Meetings

Written By: Mayah Groover, LTG of Division 13&14

If your Key Club is like most, membership growth is a constant challenge. One month, you pick up one or two new members, and the next month, you may lose one member's involvement. Even if your club is active and successful, some members will leave due to jobs, level of academic weight, or for a variety of other reasons. That is why every club must be continually on the lookout for prospective new members.

What does this look like…?

Take turns inviting guests. Members should take turns inviting prospective members to club meetings. At least one member should be expected to bring a guest every week or every scheduled meeting. This effort could be conducted in alphabetical order, based on the member's first or last names. After the last member in the order brings a guest, go back to the member who started the order and do it again. It is a sure bet that some of those guests will want to come back and join. In addition, this consistent approach to growth helps get members in the habit of identifying prospects and asking them to join.

Organize teams. Organize teams of 4 or 5 club members. The goal of each team is to recruit one new member within 3 or 4 months. Each team needs one member who is active in the community, one knowledgeable about Key Club, and one who is prepared to make cold calls to sell Key Club's mission. Go public. Ask one or two members to work on a public relations campaign, sending news releases about your club to the school's newspaper, put up a billboard, or use social media websites. Make sure to include a contact phone number, e-mail address, and or website.

Finally, Plan a fun event. Not sure you want to put prospects to work before they join? Then how about organizing a party or other fun event? Invite as many prospective members as possible, along with all members. While having a good time is the main objective of the get-together, you can also work in some Key Club education and even a soft-sell invitation to join

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