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How to: Recruit Members

Written by Meredith Boswell, Lt. Governor of Divisions 13 &14

As the new school year approaches, recruiting new members should be a priority of every Key Club! We operate in an inverted pyramid structure which means that the members make up the majority and are the most important part of Key Club. Ensuring that your club has an active and increasing member population each year is ‘key’ to having a successful club! Keep reading for a few steps to follow when preparing for recruitment then keeping potential and current members engaged.

First, determine how to best promote Key Club at your school. Advisors, officers, and current members should work together to develop a plan specifically tailored for your community and student population. Does your school have a club night? Are you allowed to recruit club members at sporting events? How do clubs communicate with incoming students? Try to figure out when and where your club is allowed to recruit and then determine which elements of Key Club you want to highlight most based on your community; leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness are the core values of Key Club International.

Then, follow through with your plan! Create an attractive and informative booth for club night, hand out fliers during school events, promote Key Club through the school news or website, etc.! Make sure to include accurate contact information for the club advisor and request contact information from prospective members in order to keep them engaged with your recruitment efforts. Staying organized, communicating well, promoting service projects and hosting fun, interactive meetings are all ways to encourage new members to stay and participate.

Happy recruiting!

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