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Key Club Experience

By: Shrinidhi Vaideeswaran, Lieutenant Governor of Division 1 and 4

My experience with Key Club has changed pretty drastically, I’d say. Last year, as a freshman in high school, I was confused as to what I was meant to do these four years. I was told to make the most of it, but also not to let go of a successful future. Joining Key Club, made it seem like I had a place at my school. Being a part of Key Club is more than just the service and hours you get. It is about being a student leader, learning new things, and making evergreen relationships. Being a part of board, is such an exhilarating experience. I learn new things about my friends, my peers, and the world around me through Key Club.  

To have the best Key Club year, all I can say is get involved. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. Just go out there and make new friends, meet new people, help more people, but most of all have fun. Build different relationships and put yourself out there, start a fundraiser or a new service project idea for your club. It does not matter what position you are in, even if you are just a Key Club member you are the most important part of it all. Do not be afraid of reaching out to someone if you have any questions on anything, because people are there to help you. Be involved and make the best out of your Key Club year! :)

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