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Key Club's Gift to You: Scholarships and Grants

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Written by: Zarina Wang, LTG of Division 12

For decades, Key Club has given young people the tools they need to give back to their communities. Beyond its dedication to volunteerism, Key Club also provides beneficial scholarships and awards that let its members take advantage of new opportunities.

International Scholarships:

  • Key Club International Scholarship: This scholarship is the flagship award offered by Key Club International. It recognizes outstanding Key Club members who have made significant contributions to their clubs, schools, and communities. Recipients of this scholarship receive substantial financial aid, enabling them to pursue their higher education dreams.

  • Kiwanis Children’s Fund Scholarship: The Kiwanis Children’s Fund Scholarship is made possible by donations made in memory of J. Walker Field, David W. Hancock, Harry S. Himmel, Andrew Reardon, Stephen A. Sapaugh, Florence Skomba and Robert Thal. These donations were made to provide one scholarship opportunity to a deserving member in good standing of Circle K International. Amount awarded: Two (2) scholarships will be awarded with a minimum award amount of US$2,500 each. Exact amount will be determined closer to the award date.

District Scholarships:

  • Georgia Key Club District Scholarship: Key Club Districts across the globe often provide scholarships tailored to their respective regions. These scholarships celebrate the accomplishments of Key Club members within a specific district, promoting local talent and commitment to service. Georgia Key Club offers scholarships that will be awarded to senior Key Club members in the Georgia District. Up to four (4) $1000 scholarships will be awarded at the 2023 Service & Leadership Conference (SLC). More information to be released soon.

  • Corporate and Partner Scholarships: Key Club has formed partnerships with various organizations and corporations that share its commitment to education and service. Through these partnerships, Key Club members gain access to additional scholarship opportunities. These scholarships often focus on specific fields of study, career paths, or underrepresented communities.


  • Grants for Service Projects: In addition to scholarships, Key Club offers grants to support service projects initiated by its members. These grants provide the necessary funds to transform ideas into impactful initiatives that address the needs of local communities. By encouraging Key Clubbers to develop and implement service projects, these grants foster leadership, organizational skills, and a deep sense of community responsibility.

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