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Meet the 2023-24 Lieutenant Governors!

Lt. Governor of Division 5: Jiho Jun

Hi everyone! My name is Jiho Jun, and I will be serving as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 5 this year. I am a sophomore at Lambert High School, and I served as the club Treasurer last year. I enjoy playing the clarinet and my favorite subjects are math and physics. I can't wait to get to know everyone and serve the community!

Lt. Governor of Division 6: Kimberly Pacheco-Medina

Hi Everyone!! My name is Kimberly Pacheco-Medina, I am a rising Junior at Mountain View High School and it is my pleasure to serve as Lieutenant Governor for Division 6 for 2023-2024. I joined Key Club as a Freshman and I have been a part of Key Club since. Outside of Key Club I like to paint, spend time with my family, and help out at my church. My job as Lieutenant Governor is to be a source of communication for all of the different Key Clubs in my Division. This is done through Monthly Newsletters and even in-person interactions which I hope to be doing a lot of this year. I will ensure that everything runs smoothly and I'm beyond excited to work with you guys!

Lt. Governor of Division 7: Hannah Self

Hello, I'm Hannah Self, the Lieutenant Governor for Division 7 and I'm excited to be working with y'all :) Feel free to contact me for any questions! My favorite singer is Melanie Martinez and my favorite anime is Satsuriku no Tenshi. If life were to give me a lemon (for some odd reason), I'd look at it very confused because why would it give me a lemon? Why not an orange? OR an apple?

Lt. Governor of Division 8: Annamaya Kanu

Hello! My name is Annamaya Kanu, and I am honored to serve as Lieutenant Governor of Division 8. I am the liaison between clubs in my division and the district board, email monthly newsletters to faculty advisors, and hold divisional meetings and rallies. I am an upcoming junior at Lovejoy High School. My Key Club journey began my freshman year, and I am excited to continue another year in service! Some fun facts about me are: I love traveling, trying new cuisines, and spending time in nature. Thank you.

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